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List of Characters in the Beyond the Boundary Light Novel, Manga and Anime series.

List of CharactersEdit

Name Image Description
Mirai Kuriyama Mirai 2

An impoverished Spirit World Warrior who is the last survivor of a clan with the ability to manipulate blood, a first year student, and is in love with Akihito Kanbara but is not oblivious to it.

Literary ClubEdit

Name Image Description
Akihito Kanbara Akihito 2 A Half-Youmu who has the ability to regenerate from injuries and a member of the Literary Club. Also in love with Mirai Kuriyama but realizes it later in the series. A second year high school student.
Mitsuki Nase Mitsuki 2 A Spirit World Warrior of the Nase family and president of the school's Literary Club. Known for her sharp tongue and gorgeous figure. Second year high school student.
Hiroomi Nase Hiromi 2 Member of the Nase family and Mitsuki's older brother. Due to the side effects of his spirit world warrior ability, he is always seen wearing a scarf and muffler. Known to have a little sister complex. Third year high school student. Likes to tease Akihito with Mitsuki.

Spirit World WarriorsEdit

Name Description
Izumi Nase A skilled Spirit World Warrior and the eldest daughter of the Nase family. To other people, she shows an ordinary personality, but she becomes a wicked character when interacting with the second daughter of the family.
Ayaka Shindou A Youmu who takes the occupation of a Spirit World Warrior and is allied with the Spirit World Warrior Society. She always dresses in a kimono. She, along with Ai Shindou, runs a traditional confectionery store that serves for Spirit World Warrior purposes. She sometimes gives advice to Akihito.
Shizuku Ninomiya A beautiful Spirit Warrior who dresses in a business suit. Her ability involves the distortion of space. She specializes in offense in contrast to the defense expertise of the Nase family.
Yuuto Mashiro A man with a tall and lean figure. Mirai's childhood friend. His ability involves the manipulation of lower-class Youmu.
Miroku Fujima Interrogation Officer in the Spirit World Warrior Society. His ability involves the realization of words.
Ukyou Kusunoki Interrogation Officer in the Spirit World Warrior Society. Hates Youmu after her parents were killed by Youmu, and uses her sentiments against them in battle.
Kikyou Eisui Interrogation Officer in the Spirit World Warrior Society. Her ability is manipulation of weight.
Iori Ichinomiya Intelligence Officer of the Spirit World Warriors. Has the ability to extract information from the Internet.

Other CharactersEdit

Name Description
Yayoi Kanbara Akihito's mother, and a well-known Spirit World Warrior. She is known for her well-endowed figure and optimistic personality. As a wanderer, she sends off her child elsewhere.
Maya Minegishi A silver-haired girl who was pursued in the midst of the Spirit World Warrior-slaying incidents. She fights using an automatic pistol and a revolver. Her powers are said to surpass that of an Interrogation Officer.

Anime-Original CharactersEdit

Name Description
Sakura Inami Sister of Yui Inami. She pursues Mirai for revenge for killing her sibling.
Ai Shindou A young two-tailed cat Youmu girl who cohabits with Ayaka in her house. A first year student.

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